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Santiniketan-Bolpur :

Santiniketan has the distinct identity of culture and heritage, which gives the place a unique soft touch. This is a preferred tourist destination developed as a part of the popular religious-cultural tourist circuit of the region viz. Santiniketan-Bakreswar-Tarapith.
The place was originally selected by Maharshi Debendranath Tagore to practice religious mediations. Rabindranath started an experimental school known as 'Brahmacharya Ashrama' here with an objective to educate the student in close liaison with nature in the style of 'Tapovana' of ancient India. Later an international university named Visva-Bharati came up as a center of Indian culture and the meeting place of the East and the West.
Rabindranath was great lover of nature. He planted trees in and around the Ashrama and gave it a green look. He introduced several festival to celebrate seasons, to commemorate great name and these were free from any religious narrowness.


Tarapith, a holy religious place, is situated in a village Tarapur under Rampurhat Police Station of Rampurhat Sub-Division in the district of Birbhum. It is said to be so called because the eye ball (tara) of Sati fell here. Others say that Tarapith is not a pith but the place owes its sanctity to the fact that the Sage Basistha here worshipped the Goddes Sati in the form of Tara. The common local opinion is that it is really a Pith and Basistha selected this place for worshipping Sati because it was a pith. It is visited everyday by a good number of devotees. Here pilgrims constitute a vast chunk of domestic tourists.

Bakreswar :

Village Bakreswar in Suri Sub-division is situated 18 kms South West of Suri, the district headquarter of Birbhum. The place is renowned for "HOT-SPRING" and has historical importance as holy place for the existence of "SHIVA LINGAM". There are a number of hot springs with cold springs in close proximity to them. They all discharge in to a rivulet which run past and join a small stream about 200 yards from the temple. The hot springs at Bakreswar are reputed to cure numerous chronic ailments.


It is renowned as the birth place of great Sanskrit poet Joydev who flourished in 12th Century and composed the well known "Geet-Govinda", a Sanskrit Lyrical poem. Annual- Mela is held in the village Kenduli in the last day of Bengali month Pous and first 2 days of Magh and is attended by thousands of pilgrims including Bauls. The word 'Baul' is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Batul' which means 'mad'. Baul philosophy emphasises love for all human beings as the path leading to divine love.

Dubrajpur and Hetampur:

Dubrajpur is a small township which contains a number of Shiva temple. Numbers of gigantic rocks are found in the vicinity. The granite is gray and composed of glassy quartz pink, gray feldspar and black mica. Two remarkable of these rocks are known as Mama & Bhagne (Uncle & Nephew).
Hetampur is situated near Dubrajpur. It was formerly within the Zamindary of the Raja Bahadur of Hetampur. It is famous for Rajbari, a historical heritage. Hetampur has a number of good tanks surrounded by tall palm trees.


Patharchapuri is the precedence of the Mohammedan Saint "Hazrat Data Meheboob Shah Wali" famously known as "Data-Baba" who is reported to have died in 1299 B.S. corresponding to March, 1892 A.D. He is famous for his Sufi Thoughts. It is said that he was gifted to miraculous power and used to cure dangerous diseases by applying ashes of dust. His tomb in the village is frequented by many visitor every year. A large Fair locally known as "Data Saheber Mela", perhaps the largest in the region, is held in Patharchapuri village in the month of Chaitra ( March-April ) every year commemorating the death anniversary of Data Saheb. Lakhs of pilgrims assemble in the fair during the occasions.

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