Keep Yourself Safe


Awareness of the following crime prevention pointers, combined with your own common sense, can help make crime-proofing your way of life.
•  Trust your instincts. If your sixth sense tells you to be wary, pay attention.
•   Be careful where you walk. Avoid lonely or unlit streets and unfamiliar short cuts. Walk on the curb side, away from alleys and doorways.
•  It is dangerous to hitchhike and to involve yourself with strangers who are hitching a ride. Once trapped inside the car, it is difficult to call for assistance.
•  Inform others when and where you are going and check in with them when you reach your destination.
•  Don’t let strangers into your house. Insist on proper identification from service personnel. If someone asks to use your phone, offer to make the call for them instead.
•  If you suspect you are being followed, cross the street, go to the nearest house or store and call the police. Scream if necessary.
•  If you live alone, use first initials only on mail boxes, apartment directories or the phone book.
•  Remember to report crimes or suspicious activities. Putting crime prevention into action helps contribute to your peace of mind and enjoyment of your community
Specially for the Ladies
•  Not all sexual assaults happen in "dangerous" places such as dark alleys or parking lots. Many sexual assaults are committed by persons known to the victim. So be friendly with anyone when you are 100% sure of him.

N.B. If you have been sexually assaulted it is important you call the police immediately. DO NOT bother to change clothes. Remember, sexual assault is ANY unwanted act of a sexual nature imposed by one person on another. It is a crime, even if it happens in a marriage or dating relationship. Sexual assault happens to men as well as women. The following precautions will help you to prevent sexual assault. They are preventive measures to enhance your safety generally