WOMEN HELP LINE NO. 8001494000.    Never disclose Bank account numbers, passwords, or ATM number, PIN number that could be used fraudulently.     DIST. POLICE CONTROL ROOM : 8001493000 / 03462255523  
The mission of Birbhum District Police is to enforce the law and to bring the attitudinal change for greater police public harmony and thereby achieve greater efficiency in its primary objective of prevention of crime and detection of crime. Police must be compassionate, courteous and patient, acting without fear or favour or prejudice to rights of others.
The aims and objectives of Birbhum District Police is to apply the law fairly and firmly in order to prevent and detect crime, and bring to justice those who break the law. The Birbhum District Police strives to keep the District peaceful to help, to protect people through active cooperation of the community.

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    Birbhum Police is committed to serve people in a prompt, transparent and efficient manner. The present website is one of our small steps to reach out to the people. With the motto of Suraksha, Sambal, Sanyam, our endeavour is to provide safety, security to the Citizens. We expect your kind
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    25-Jun-2015 |001|TENDER
    Tender Invitation.

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    by Birbhum Police

    15-Dec-2018 : Stolen Motorcycle recovery

    Panrui PS recovered and seized 13 no. of stolen motorcycles in c/w Panrui PS Case No. 131/18 date
    30-May-2018 : Mobile Phone Recovery

    Inspite of tremendous work pressure and law and order management regarding Panchayat Election-18

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