Good Work Done

by Birbhum Police

 Victim Girl Recovered from Other State

Ref. : Sainthia PS case no 267/17 dt 21/11/17 u/s 363/365/372/120B IPC.

 SI Pralay Kumar Mondal recovered two victim girls namely Parbati Singha @ Sraboni Singha (16) d/o Pradip Singh  and another  Nilima Ray (20) d/o Lt Tapan Ray of Muradihi Colony Ward no. 7 PS Sainthia Dist : Birbhum from vill: Ganawli PS: Lauria, Dist: Bettiah, Bihar who were kidnapped by the accused persons namely (1) Sanjay Yadav (30) s/o  Lt Palita Yadav, vill: Ganawli PS: Lauria Dist : Bettiah, Bihar, (2) Mala Bagdi(Yadav) (25) w/o Sanjay Yadav of Do and (3) Anwar Ansari (40) s/o Lt  Bagar Ansari of vill: Momintola, Bishnupurwa, PS : Lauria Dist Bettiah, Bihar and also arrested the all three involved above noted accused persons.

    |  21-11-2017