Consumer Complaints India Tips and Tricks

The best way to protect yourself from fraud, scams, or problems is to be aware of potential pitfalls ahead of time. If that isn’t enough, you should also know what you can do to resolve complaints. Here are some tips for both:

Before You Buy

•  Get a written copy of guarantees and warranties.
•  Ask about the refund, return and exchange policy.
•  Don’t sign any contract or legal document until you read and understand it. Insist that any extras. You are promised are put in writing.

After You Buy

•  Save the paperwork: contracts, sales receipts, cancelled checks, owner’s manuals, warranty documents, etc.
•  Be sure to follow the service and use instructions in the owner’s manual. The way you use or take care of a product could affect your warranty.

Solving a Problem

•  Check with your credit card company. You may have the right to withhold payment if the product or service is unsatisfactory.
•  Complain as soon as possible. A letter to the manager of the business that sold the product or performed the service is usually effective. Keep copies of all correspondence.

Filing a Complaint

•  If a letter to the manager does not resolve the problem, you may want to file a complaint with the Consumer Court India.