About Us

this is birbhum police

Mission / Vision :

The mission of Birbhum District Police is to enforce the law and to bring the attitudinal change for greater police public harmony and thereby achieve greater efficiency in its primary objective of prevention of crime and detection of crime. Police must be compassionate, courteous and patient, acting without fear or favour or prejudice to rights of others.

Aims and Objectives of the Organisation :

The aims and objectives of Birbhum District Police is to apply the law fairly and firmly in order to prevent and detect crime, and bring to justice those who break the law. The Birbhum District Police strives to keep the District peaceful to help, to protect people through active cooperation of the community.

Police and Public ideal relationship :

The relation between Police and Public should be very cordial. To achieve the same, the Police should take the lead and do everything towards the creation of this relationship as no Police Force can work successfully unless it wins the respect and good will of the public and secure the co-operation. The Police therefore while being firm in the execution of their duty must show forbearance, civility and courtesy towards all classes of the Public irrespective of their position, social status, education, etc.

Rudeness and harshness are forbidden. Because these are disqualifications which create a barrier between the Police and the Public. Every Police Officer should cultivate the habit of maintaining a very good relation with the Public. This will be easier if the Police remember that they are public servants and their main duty is to serve the public. They should remember that Police man is as much a citizen as anyone else and he has to function with the rights and obligations of citizenship. The Policemen comes into daily and intimate touch with the people. It is essential that the contact should be one of mutual trust and co-operation. The Police also must realize that it is for their benefit that the Police function and therefore they should give them co-operation and friendliness.

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